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in e-books, Sci Fi | August 3rd, 16 Comments. 4k to assemble the last five years of its original fiction and make it available as downloadable ebook files. Science Fiction & Fantasy. Choose from great eBooks from Rakuten Kobo's extensive catalogue. Get personalized recommendations and see other readers' . Du liebst Fantasy-Bücher und Science Fiction-Romane? Stehst auf Glitzer- Einhörner und Wookies im Weltall? Dann bist du bei TOR ONLINE genau richtig.

While one might answer the two questions put at the beginning of this study rather quickly by stating a rule of thumb - scientific elements make a text a science fiction text, magical ones make it a fantasy text - it is obvious that this would lead to a very broad definition.

It is thus necessary to go into detail, which I am going to do. In order to investigate what, apart from the technical and the magical elements, are the characteristics of the respective genres mentioned at the beginning, I am going to give the definitions of these terms which can be found in standard reference texts. In order to go into detail, I shall add more information from academic literature about the fantastic genre, which both science fiction and fantasy are part of.

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I would then like to go a step further by testing the definitions with the help of three texts - H. Wells's The War of the Worlds as an example for the science fiction genre and Bram Stoker's Dracula as an example for a fantasy text. In this text, there are elements of both science fiction and of fantasy. After this, I would like to conclude my study. Any selection of texts will necessarily be arbitrary, as it is impossible to include everything into a study like this.

I chose three texts from approximately the same period, as this will provide a sound basis. In addition, these texts are widely known, and there is generally no dispute over the fact that they are part of the fantastic genre. In addition, there is one more aspect. Within the inner circle of fantasy - the fiction of the presently unreal - is a smaller circle still, a subset of a subset, and this is sf.

It shares with fantasy the idea of a Novum: some new element, something that distinguishes the fiction from reality as presently constituted. A novum could be a Vampire or a colonized planet. The sub- subset that is sf insists that the novum be explicable in terms that adhere to conventionally formulated law; the remainder, fantasy, has no such requirement. To cut the definition to an irreducible minimum: mimetic fiction is real, fantasy is unreal; sf is unreal but natural, as opposed to the remainder of fantasy, which is unreal and supernatural.

Or, simpler still, sf could happen, fantasy couldn't. If there is magic, it is fantasy4. However, in order to get a clearer insight into the issue, it will be necessary to have a closer look at the two genres.

Science Fiction: The Literature Of Change In order to thoroughly discuss the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy, it is essential to first clearly define the two terms. Scientific development is most obviously the most important aspect of the genre. It is also the most, possibly the only, undisputed one. Yet, it is only one aspect.

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The definition has to be stated more precisely. He writes: Science Fiction is the branch of literature that deals with the effects of change on people in the real world as it can be projected into the past, the future, or to distant places. It often concerns itself with scientific or technological change, and it usually involves matters whose importance is greater than the individual or the community; often civilization or the race itself is in danger.

Yet, this definition is still too vague. The aspects mentioned in it, apart from the scientific one, are not a sine qua non. Jules Verne's stories, for example, are clearly set in the real world of his present day.

In addition, there is no element in them which could be considered a threat to the human race or to a civilization. Apart from that, at least in more modern science fiction texts, it does not necessarily have to be the human race which is in the focus of attention.

As can be seen from the example of James Cameron's Avatar, it is also possible that it is the human race which poses a threat to other races. It is obvious that the world of Avatar, namely the planet of Pandora, is not the earth of the early 21st century.

Yet, the film features a group of people from earth who travel to another planet. They are only able to do this because of their advanced technology - a central aspect of a science-fiction text, according to Gunn. Nevertheless, this indicates the difficulty of proposing a satisfactory definition. In one of his other texts about science-fiction, Gunn addresses this problem. Gunn writes: The difficulty with science fiction-and proceeding from that to definition-is that science fiction isn't just one thing.

It has no recognizable action, or recognizable milieu, like the western, or recognizable relationship, like the romance. It is about the future-except where it is about the past or the present.

It can incorporate all the other genres: one can have a science-fiction western, a science-fiction romance, and, most commonly, a science-fiction adventure story. Some sports use a ball, but not all do. Some use some form of racket or bat, but many don't. Many involve strenuous physical exercise, but some diving, snooker, target shooting don't. Some require acute hand-eye coordination, many don't.

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