Welcome to Drama Academy - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Welcome to Drama Academy By twilightluver All the girls in East Coast Academy wanted one thing- the king, the playboy of the school. Welcome to Drama Academy book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Elena Grayson's divorced parents both remarry, she.

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1Fics raislintynboperg.cf ( kB - downloaded times.) «Last Edit: May 08, .. Hi, can I get Welcome To Drama Academy please? «Last Edit. IMPORTANT NEWS: Due to the possibility of having "Welcome to Drama Academy" turned into a real life novel, only the first chapter of the story. Welcome to Drama Academy [Melody Hope Mason] on raislintynboperg.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Elena Grayson's divorced parents both.

The following users thanked this post: Scarlettreaven, The two links you posted worked for me. Your collection is amazing; thanks so much for sharing it: Does anyone have Bella and the Bachelor - I don't remember the author but she pulled it recently to rework.

Bella is a language specialist and goes on the Bechelor. Edward feeds her the answers so she wins some challenges but the producers rig it so she losses.

Jacob show up at one point with doctored evidence that he wasn't cheating on her and in the end Bree shows EDward a video tape of everything everyone has been doing. January 21, , Twilight Fanfiction: Google Drive: Bella and the Bachelor - Duessa. Ellachanted , Rose S , summergirl , Scorpio11 , 2bell4 , ddoe , ocsickgirl , aphill30 , cookiecream , snowqueen , Katoris , theadosia57 , jackief1 , mae lee , sue1zide , yuriana , BlueDragon92 , hariraya , syb7. January 22, , The Escort by RobMyDream.

Ellachanted , summergirl , Scorpio11 , ddoe , aphill30 , elizabeth hernandez , gingerhat , mteach , keljvt , theadosia57 , mae lee , Christine , sue1zide , Elfenbein01 , BlueDragon92 , halamona , syb7. Does anyone know if The Revenger by Mrs.

King was completed, or was there more than eleven chapters out there? Black and White by Vixen April 22, , Sanguine , Ellachanted , Rose S , MusetteBlanchard , summergirl , mercy , ddoe , m3h , aphill30 , kiwimum23 , ChristagBanners , Illusionofhappiness , mteach , peaches , keljvt , mae lee , nzjoanne , readdicted , shaffie23 , sue1zide , Elfenbein01 , BlueDragon92 , halamona , Alexana , Melinda70 , syb7.

The One by adoreablecullens. Does anyone have the pulled fic Soldier Boy by annalbr or anabllbr? Soldier Boy is about Edward is home from Iraq. It doesn't take itself too seriously which I throughly enjoy. I await more fantastic stories from Melody and eagerly anticipate her updates on fanfiction. If you're looking for her on there, just search "Welcome to Drama Academy," and her pen name will pop up.

One can only hope that she will mature as a writer and find her place among novelists. A round of applause for you! Also, housekeeping note--be aware of several and by several I mean a ton of editing errors. They looked suspicious when I said I would catch up with them later, but they let me go anyway, figuring I would tell them later. Bella… You have to do this… You have to! Just go look for him… I gulped.

See a Problem?

He was alone in the locker room, putting something in his locker, and sitting on the bench to tie his shoes. I noticed that he already changed into regular clothes. He gasped when he heard my voice and stumbled on the bench. He smiled back when he realized it was me…. His hair was messy and wet, but he still looked unbelievably gorgeous.

I put my hands nervously in my pocket and started. I was shocked, but it was really rude. He had it coming… But I had to be nice. We stared at each other in silence, awkwardly. My hands were fidgeting in my pockets. I hated that he had this kind of effect on people. It worked, he laughed musically. And Edward? He stopped me…. He was smiling. My heard was thumping… I could swear I heard a low chuckle… his chuckle coming out from the locker room.

A small voice in my head warned me, don't get your hopes up Bella, he's still Edward. Chapter Ten There were only a few people left in the gym when I stepped out. My heart was still thumping rapidly, and I was sure my face was still kind of red. The girls were ready to ambush me when I stepped in to my room.

I was a little uncomfortable with the attention, but then I reminded myself it were only Rosalie and Alice. I took a deep breath, knowing it was going to take a while. I nodded slowly. I looked at them, with a big question mark on my head. And Alice is his sister! When Bella yells at him, suddenly he apologizes? You went in there? What did you say to him?

How did it go? Edward had it coming. But I gave him a little credit, seeing he would put down his ego and apologize. After the game, Lauren was pouring herself on him, and guess what? He pushed her off! You should have seen her face!

Did you guys see that? I blushed for being the only one noticing. And today at lunch? Do you remember? Alice and I changed into our pajamas and called it a night. The next morning, I got up very early. And for some reason, I was in a better mood. Why did he have that much effect on me? That was the question that I constantly asked myself.

I headed to the building for first period, and coincidently, I met Edward at the door. We were both about to go in. We laughed since both of us were now stuck at the door. First period and second period were boring as usual.

I skipped happily to third period, because I came prepared. Extra shirt in my backpack. She looked surprised. Lauren came in, with her friends of course, and glared at me and Angela. Angela looked frightened, she stiffened a little. I would let that go; calling names were so beneath me. When I came out, I saw a lot of people sitting on the bleachers and on the court shooting. The roof of our gym was leaking, so we had to have our class here.

Two coaches, both blew their whistle, and asked us to quiet down. The boys grabbed all of the basketballs as girls sat and chat. Where did you come from? Thanks Edward. His hands were warm. One on one.

The guys on the court backed away when they saw Edward and I walking toward the hoops. I heard how good you are from my friends. What was this little smartalec planning? Just a little one on one. I gulped. Rick threw the ball to Edward.

Now kids were starting to look in our direction. The whole gym was silent. I swear. He grinned. I looked away from his eyes. When I turned around. No way was I going to let him take over my mind again. Lauren and her friends were cussing. Lauren gasped loudly.

Some of them were smirking. He smelled an easy victory for I saw the corner of his lips curled up. He smiled and extended his hand to help me up from the bleachers. I could see their mouths moving.

I lost my breath. I tried not to overreact on the fact. You caught me… I did want something. He laughed again. Dribble… dribble… I tried to look for his weak spot.

I went under his arm. I made it in. I know how corny that sounded. The score continued to change. Do you mind Rose? We checked the ball. I looked up. He could have had the ball if he reached for it. Thankfully no one would notice. The game continued.

It was like as if we were wrapped inside our own plastic bubble. I went for the shot. I tried to get around him. I could only hear his chuckles. I went straight for the shower. I can see. I ran. You won! I knew that. It took me all the self control not to stick my middle finger at her. Only he threw his arms halfway instead of all the way up.

Our arms would touch briefly sometimes. I knew it was hard to do that shot. I tried to dribble with the ball to past him. Rosalie laughed. During our game. Take a deep breath…. I ran for the changing room. How dare he?! With that. Oh who cares? Just go for the basket! Get dressed! He let me win!

Rosalie was cheering at the top of her lungs. Go Bella! Hell yes! That was a nice way to put it. I walked away from him. Sense and Sensibility. I calmed down a little. I saw you playing last night… You would have beaten me so easily if you wanted. So what? Am I not good enough for you to take me seriously? I was sure my head was steaming when I walked to ELA. Chapter Eleven Stupid Edward.

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I was curious. He actually looked sincere. I was caught up with the way you move. I would have asked you to do so. I glared at him with my arms crossed in front of my chest. He eyed me. I was the first one in the classroom. I was going to have a little talk with my dear friend Edward.

How I wish to wipe that smile off his face. We stared at each other for a few seconds. She knew exactly what I was going to do. I found him already changed. Back to Mr. He was having too much fun. William Shakespeare!

Welcome To Drama Academy Twilight Pdf

To tell you the truth. They were wrong you know. His eyes were closed. Romeo and Juliet by the greatest play-writer. If he thinks dazzling me was going to work.

As soon as he opened his eyes. You could have blocked many shots that I made. He laughed. I slapped it away. Damn it! For what? Me losing? I took out my book. A few kids started to enter the classroom. Especially the last shot. I gathered my stuff from the chair. Oh no. I scoffed and turned my head away from him. Serves him right. I almost know it by heart. My li…lips. He surprises me more and more each day. Caughman handed us the scripts. So it was going to be one of those days.

A few boys looked shocked. We will be casting Romeo and Juliet first! And yes. She winked at him. What did she think this was? We continued to read. They girls were trying very hard.

The guys looked very nervous. Attention please! Andrea Smith to read. It was easy to get caught up in the lines when he read. He spoke so fluently in his perfect. We heard a loud shriek. I believe. The girls gasped. That was on the script. My lips. Come on now. Scene five. He was leaning against the table. In fact. We will be casting our lead roles first! So I want all the boys on the right side.

Which mannerly devotion shows in this! For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch! And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss!! Caughman was startled. The girls squealed. Like he would even want to do this.

I took a glimpse of my play. She took a deep breath and started rambling with a fake. How do you even read this thing? Jessica sneered at me. I knew they just wanted the part because he was in it. Caughman frowned as Jessica smiled widely.

What surprised me was. I opened my scripted quickly to the page. I saw other people snickering at her performance. My afternoon classes are doing the Hamlet. Stop for a minute! Did she say my name? For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch. Caughman ignored her and continued. Edward Cullen! I have an announcement to make! I had to laugh. So guess what? Jessica shook hair snottily and thought they were impressed.

If it was really that difficult. Edward just let out a soft chuckle. Please let me be Juliet! I know they would do their best to mess up on the play. Dang it! We still have seven minutes of class! And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss. Which mannerly devotion shows in this.

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There were many promising actors or actresses. Edward was smiling crookedly. Several guys and girls read. I looked back and found that there was no one behind me. A few guys knocked their desks to please the teacher.

And palm to palm is holy plamers' kiss. What the hell was that? I was the last one. Miss Swan. Edward coughed to hide a laugh. In unison! Surely the principal wouldn't mind us adding an extra character to the play. Edward and I looked at each other and turned away. If you screw this up. You must have mixed me up with someone else! You always take things so personal! It was nothing! Neither did I fake. Miss Swan? Afraid that you might have stage fright? Oh shit. I was hyperventilating now.

Sit down on your chairs! I will not tolerate this in my class! Noon detention! Both of you! For disrupting my class! I was still angry from the gym incident. I want you two to find away to work with each other. I walked to the food court to pick up something to eat for detention.

As soon as she did. I will give both of you another chance. Caughman motioned us to her desk. Jessica pouted after giving me a nice. I would consider it. Over here. We said nothing and waited for her dismissal. You had to let me experience it before we get out of High School.

The words escaped my lips. He looked at me with a cute smile. I thought for long moment.

My perfect record! Ruined because of you! I had no choice. We looked fixedly at each other for a long minute. Option Two? I could accept his offer. Did you expect me to forget everything that happened in gym? Noon detention maybe something you do regularly.

He seemed thoughtful for a minute. With your basketball skills and my awesome teaching techniques. Is there any way that I can make it up to you?

It was either that. The Circus Shot? Was he serious? I looked at him suspiciously. My options? Then I noticed him staring at me. Ten minutes? And no signs of the teacher.

Agh… meetings! I could ignore the temptation and be angry at him for the rest of the school year. My stomach was hurting so bad. We laughed hysterically for a long time. I finished my lunch quickly. He smiled and waited for my response. I chewed down my food quietly and kept to myself. He saw me thinking. It seems I had been doing that quite a lot today. No more laughing. You know. The door opened. Chapter Twelve People watched us curiously when we walked together to Biology.

I laughed as Edward rolled his eyes. She glared at them. He walked out of the room with me behind him. Please take your seat. Gonzalez walked in. Lauren Mallory. You are like. I sighed and stopped walking. He dumped his trash in the garbage can and waited for me to do the same. I tried to hide my laugh. Three periods including lunch with Edward Cullen… It was like a dream coming true. Edward leaned back.

I shook it and he flashed a brilliant smile. She was about to say something else. He looked apologetically at me. You caught me…I have to umm… attend a student council meeting. He did the same and waited patiently beside me. Please stay out of trouble. She turned sweetly back to Edward.

You were there. I rolled my eyes and sat down on my seat. I was confused at first. I began to think he was actually a really cool teacher. Gonzalez guided us through the passage about evolution as I took notes.

My positive thoughts about him crumbled the second that the words escaped his mouth.

Welcome to Drama Academy

Give her detention or suspend her! I knew I was going to get her back one way or another. He helped me gather myself when the bell rang. Edward continued staring at me during class.

Cullen to the other side of the room. He followed me out the door.Part one! I could sense his effort on making a conversation with me in the hour-long car ride a while ago, but despite how hard he was trying to make everything seem Aliceural and easy, it was one of the longest hours of my life. You had this date with that Breesa girl.

He pushed her off! Okay… I knew that one! More Details After the game, Lauren was pouring herself on him, and guess what? She had all the curves in the right place, it made me feel bad just to look at her. He looked perfectly at ease.

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