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In time I will probably use the new one much the same as I learn my way around it. The controller size is slightly different but not enough to make it hard to adapt to. I have been using mine a week now and there are still a few things I haven't figured out how to do on this new one yet, but once I figure it out then I will feel more comfortable with the final full switch over.

When downloading a new xbox you would get a headset with it. The xbox one s does NOT come with a headset, so you will also need to download one. Maybe some day I can get him feeling confident enough to play some COD with my partner and other friends. I bought a about 18 months ago and still had space left on it.

Didn't need to upgrade. Didn't plan to upgrade. At first I found it really hard to navigate and I also found that the "font size" on the dash and in game menus is much smaller than it was on the That may not be a problem for people in their teens and 20's but I'm in my late 40's and my eye site isn't what it used to be. After several calls to tech support and message forum posts, I learned that the only two options for increasing the on-screen writing is my using a temporary magnifier that doesn't allow you to select items when magnified, or by using a narrator who reads EVERY SINGLE THING to you and that gets annoying real fast.

My only solution was to download a larger TV. So I went from a 37 inch screen to a 48 inch and I can comfortably read the dashboard menus, however some in-game items are still a little challenging depending on the maker of the game and type of item. It's pretty cool to just say, "Xbox On! I can tell it with my voice which programs to open or close, I can say "pause" and it will pause netflix for example, I can say "play" and it will play the show again.. I can also fast forward and rewind with my voice as well.

I love this function. I also feel compelled to tell it "thank you" after it performs these functions for me but it doesn't acknowledge courtesy.

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But it has all the streaming apps, it plays blurays, it plays games I liked the way the broke things down by genre and it was a lot easier to find what I was looking for. I find this game store to be more challenging to navigate. Plus there's the game store, the game hub, and my games and apps, plus there are homescreen game pin areas..

Too many places to get lost in. Admittedly this review may be a bit biased as I have had no play time with it's currant competitors. But as a 40 year old who came into the scene with an Atari joystick in hand and owned every console ever made from the original Nintendo to the PS3, hopefully my past experience should be sufficient enough to qualify.

I thoroughly enjoyed my and this is basically the same machine with all the improvements imaginable. Very smooth interface, sleek looking and definitely a powerhouse of an engine, I've experienced no drag or lag and all the loading times have been pleasantly quick. I've struggled with my feelings between Sony and Microsoft in the past and I have many fond memories of the first Xbox and this one sort of brings them back with the fact that this thing is huge, as in a big bulky monster and a giant power adapter.

And the controller took me a little getting used to as well after several months of owning only a PS3. Then there's the fact that it still takes the old standard AA batteries, bad form Microsoft, a rechargeable built-in is something you think they would have been able to implement by now. You also have to plan on putting aside plenty of time for loading new games as in several hours which of course ends up being totally worth it in the end by the way.

But, like I said, not sure if this is the same case with other machines. These are my only complaints however. My favorite all time fighting game Killer Instinct made an exclusive return here for example and I have to say, it's almost worth the entire download price alone. The refurbished one I found was a great bargain too and it looked just like new out of the box with plastic that I peeled off. The slim version coming out this Fall should combat the size issues and hopefully make some improvements ergonomically on the controller.

I do just need to mention that I don't do the motion thing, so I did not download the Kinect and this review in no way affiliates with any kind of motion capturing devices. Received the unit few days back. Everything works perfect. Easy to control XBox and TV with voice.

Trying to Play F1 It takes time for newbies. Am too a Beginner. I have lot of media on my One Drive. XBox fetches the content with my live id. Watching Photos with controller is awesome.

XBox can play Bluray discs. Need to install Bluray app. It's Free. Xbox has couple of free games on App store. I really like "Airmech Arena". It's online only game. But very good to play.

Has plenty of vents for air flow.

site - eToys Console Deals

Fits well on my TV stand. MS released patch to play old Games on XBox one. At present it has couple of games. Expecting MS will release more by MS fixed rotors inside Game controller for players to feel motion feedback. It took more than 20 minutes to setup for the first time. At first the controller didn't get pair and xbox light was blinking for sometime.

Then I searched for solution on google. If you are familiar with XBox then it's not an issue. Not sure why the Power brick is really designed like Brick. It's so heavy and huge. Does it have internal fan to cool the circuits? The XBox Power cable and Kinect cable are so thick. It's not big deal for many. Refer attached screenshot. Installed 2 games and it took 36 GB.

It's not a big deal. I still have plenty of storage left. Looks nice but kills hard drives faster than Hannibal Lector eats a liver with farver beans While it does look nice, and attaches to the x-box with a bit of finagling, my unit burned out the existing 1tb external drive that I had been using.

I figured it could have just been a bad drive as it was 2 years old. I bought a new 2tb Seagate drive, which worked for about 2 hours, then died.

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Neither drive was salvageable. Could have been a defective enclosure, or just a bad design, but I won't risk another drive.

I am not going to say there is any kind of problem with the game system as a whole since this is not an issue. However, I was unable to register for and receive a Microsoft Live account which is required to use this system until I registered for and got a Microsoft email address. Several days passed where I could not access and play this system because they would not send an email to my non-Microsoft email address. This will be my last Microsoft system.

My grandson does not have internet or even wy-fy at his mothers house. The swipe navigation is no longer a thing for the Xbox user interface and the voice recognition is terrible. It takes me longer to tell it what to do that to just use the controller for navigation. But I can say that I had high hopes when I first got it for changing and streamlining my Xbox One experience but that has most certainly not been the case.

It's only redeeming factor is that you can use it as a microphone for online chat, but even then the Xbox comes with a headset so the point is moot. I had a Xbox and was expecting the same user friendly experience but everything I have tired to do has been difficult. First it has to install every game you download.

Even on a disk so that means waiting every time you download a game. Your suppose to be able to play from your computer but after trying for an hour I gave up. I had a Wii U before this and wish I would have just stuck with that. Only download if your wanting a flashy hunk of junk that will give you problem when it's brand new.

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I have already had to reset stuff and had it not want to connect to the Internet. I bought it for the few games I wanted that weren't on Wii U but I should have gone without. Skip to main content. Filter 2. Shop by Model. Limited Time Deals.

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This is Battlefield V. Utilize the battlefield in a multitude of unexpected ways to lead your squad to victory. Sealed; Never Opened. Condition is Very Good. Disc has light wear, insert included. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Xbox One.

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Look Dad, they have the Xbox right here and it comes with a one year warranty. He made downloading the Xbox easy.

Creativity wins in this colourful freestyle scooter championship! Microsoft Xbox One. Its a shared account. We hope you have your seatbelt on for all this racing fun.

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