De ontdekking van de hemel by Harry Mulisch, , Viking edition, Hardcover in English. The discovery of heaven. byHarry Mulisch. Publication date For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. THE DISCOVERY OF HEAVEN. A novel. Harry Mulisch. First published in Dutch as De ontdekking van de hemel This translation first published in the USA .

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The Discovery of Heaven is a novel by Dutch writer Harry Mulisch. It is considered .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . EYE OF HEAVEN JIM MORTIMORE SCANNED BY THE WRONG GUN BBC BOOKS Other BBC DOCTOR WHO books include: THE EIGHT DOCTOR. The Discovery of Heaven begins with the meeting of Onno and Max, two complicated individuals whom fate has mysteriously and magically brought together.

When Max returns he sees his best friend with his former girlfriend, but he accepts this change. Onno, meanwhile, has become deputy mayor for the Labour party in Amsterdam and begins his political career.

Although nearly everything has changed, their friendship still seems very strong. The three of them then go to Cuba , where Castro has recently gained power and is fashionable in the leftist elite , and Ada is asked to play the cello.

In Cuba, Max and Onno are mistaken for the Dutch delegation to a revolutionary conference, which they attend more as a joke than anything else. On their last day on the island, Onno is seduced by a Cuban woman. At the beach, Max is unable to suppress his libido and makes love to Ada in the Cuban sea.

Directly after this event, Onno and Ada meet each other in their hotel room, and sleep with each other. The child was conceived in Cuba. She tells this to Onno, who then proposes to marry her, assuming the child is his.

The discovery of heaven

Max realizes the child is equally likely to be his and decides to leave Ada and Onno, filled with feelings of guilt. After the marriage, he leaves for Westerbork , a former holding camp for Jews in the Netherlands who would subsequently be sent to Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Eastern Europe, now hosting one of Europe's biggest radio telescopes.

Onno and Ada still visit Max. On one of their visits to Westerbork, Ada receives a phone call from a Leiden hospital: her father has had a heart attack. The three of them drive back to Leiden and are caught in bad weather.

Their car crashes. Max and Onno escape without a scratch.

Ada, however, is badly hurt and falls into a coma, but the child she is carrying has survived. Max is sent to Leiden to inform Ada's mother, Mrs. Sophie Brons, about the events. He arrives in Leiden in the middle of the night.

Mr Brons has died and Ada is in coma. Brons convinces Max that he must stay the night. Max and Mrs. Brons sleep together. Max begins to visit Mrs. Brons frequently. During the day the two maintain a formal relationship and are secretly lovers at night.

Ada and Onno's child still survives and needs a home. Onno cannot take care of the child alone, and he also has a bright political future.

Max suggests to Mrs. Brons that she move to Westerbork. Together they can raise Ada's child in Westerbork and continue their affair. The Beginning of the End[ edit ] The child is born through Caesarean section. The child has bright blue eyes and does not cry once, not even during labor.

Onno calls the child Quinten. Brons move to an apartment near Westerbork in a former castle, now inhabited by artists and eccentrics. Quinten grows up to be an introverted, peaceful child as intelligent as his father.

The reader has the knowledge that Max is the father He is obsessed by architecture, ancient keys and obelisks. Onno, who is absorbed by his political career, only infrequently visits his son. As Quinten grows up he is haunted by dreams of a strange, otherworldly place that has no outside but only an inside. This inside is filled with strange bridges, cranes and architecture. This fuels his interest in architecture and causes him to obsessively make drawings of this place.

He also takes care of an old cemetery lot in the garden of the castle, where a racing horse is buried. He seems a rather strange child.

Meanwhile, Onno's political career is destroyed, when his visit to revolutionary Cuba is made public. His position within the Labour Party is unretainable and he is not promoted to minister of Defense.

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That same day, his new girlfriend Helga again is killed. With very little left to live for, Onno decides to disappear. Max, meanwhile, has returned to his old tricks. He leaves Mrs. Brons for another woman but still lives with her and Quinten.

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Scientifically he is on the verge of making a major astronomical discovery. When he discovers heaven located beyond the Big Bang in negative space , he is killed by a freak meteoroid , sent from heaven by Angel. In the movie, Gabriel sends the meteor, even after Angel complains and explains that they still need Max. The End of the End[ edit ] When Quinten is 16, he decides to look for his father.

Except for his mother and grandmother he has very little that binds him to Westerbork. He goes to Italy. He visits Venice and Florence but through meetings with strange people, he is forced to flee both cities.

He eventually arrives in Rome. The ticket is old enough that the price is in guilders rather than Euros. How very intriguing, thought I.

No and no. This book is a mess. First, my structural complaints. There is a frame story wherein two angelic beings discuss their interference in human affairs. This conversation is so unutterably awkward and contrived that I nearly gave up immediately. I have rarely seen such a strange combination of barefaced expository dialogue with complete lack of content.

Angel 1 lectures angel 2 on what they obviously both already know without enlightening the reader on anything that will give us a hook into this story that is about to unfold. The story itself is meant to be narrated by one of the angels in the first person. We get a brief interlude for the angels to check in at page , where they briefly digress about Francis Bacon, and then the next insertion of the frame story is on page , where they actually say the following: --I thought we were never going to get here.

Because here is my second major problem with this mess of a novel. The casual, backhanded misogyny pervasive over the entire course of the book is almost breathtaking. Whatever, moving on to the characters within this mess of a plot: Max and Onno, two men, hold the central relationship in the story.The Dutch nation languished under the theocratic reign of terror of my honored father. Oct 12, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: Imagine he has the brilliant idea that they are figures.

Beside him was the oak lectern.

The Discovery of Heaven

Max knew he had been seen through by Onno as never before. According to Stirner. The war had served its purpose.

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