From Book 1: Don't even think of starting this book unless you're sitting in a comfortable chair and have lots of time. Afast-paced, impossible-to-put-down. Don'teven think of starting this bookunless you're sitting in a comfortable chair and have lots of time. Afast-paced, impossible-to-put-down adventure awaits as. See the Never Land Books for more stories with supporting characters in the Peter and the Starcatchers book series. พบกับปฐมกาลแหง ปีเตอร แพน กับวรรณกรรมเยาวชนเรืองเ. Peter and the Shadow Thieves.

Peter And The Starcatchers Book

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Peter and the Starcatchers book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. พบกับปฐมกาลแห่ง ปีเตอร์ แพน กับวรรณกรรมเยาวชนเรื่องเย. Peter and the Starcatchers is a children's novel that was published by Hyperion Books, a subsidiary of Disney, in Written by Dave Barry and Ridley. A swashbuckling high-seas adventure. Read Common Sense Media's Peter and the Starcatchers review, age rating, and parents guide.

If you liked the first novel in the Peter and the Starcatchers series, then this sequel will delight your senses. There is more adventure packed in this considerably-sized book than you might presume.

New characters are introduced to flesh out this new world of Peter Pan that Barry and Pearson have created. Lord Ombra is as terrifying a villain as they come, and Molly shines as the heroine of the novel. Large as this book is, you will be hard-pressed to not read it in a single seating. If you are looking for a novel that both you and your children can enjoy, a book designed to appeal to a variety of ages, this is it; the balance between lighthearted fun and dark adventure is perfect.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. All Gabriel Allon fans will be eagerly anticipating this one - your favourite spy is back in The New Girl , coming to bookshelves in mid-July.

Common Sense says

He and co-author Ridley Pearson make some good choices at the outset. They do not attempt, in style, plot, or atmosphere, to mimic J. Barrie's masterpiece. Instead they cleverly create and bring together almost all of the characters and elements of the original: pirates, natives no longer Indians in these culturally sensitive times , lost boys, mermaids, fairies, the crocodile, fairy dust, flying, not growing up, and the enchanted island itself.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about what this story has in common with the original. How is it similar, and where does it differ?

She is later rescued by Peter. After helping to retrieve the starstuff, Molly joins her father and sails back to her hometown in London.

Molly can apparently speak the porpoise language, although she is not very fluent and constantly tells them "Molly teeth green", thinking she's saying "Hello". Even with his great skills, he falls for a switch between the real starstuff and the fake. In the ending of the novel, Leonard uses the "treasure" to turn a bird into a fairy-like creature and presents it to Peter, thus introducing the origin of Tinker Bell.

He also gives Peter a gold Starcatcher locket. Ammm - Ammm is a hardworking Porpoise who sends messages to and from Molly and her father using Porpoise language. He is also a great navigator and occasionally helps Peter and Molly throughout the story.

Norbert's Home for Wayward Boys in London. He is so nicknamed because he is always ready to eat. Black "Stache" Moustache - Black Stache is the main antagonist. He is a disgusting, filthy pirate, captain of the ship The Sea Devil. Named Black Stache because of a near foot-long mustache that he keeps perfectly groomed. He eats raw meat and keeps a very dirty cabin, earning the nickname of "Rat Breath" by his crew.

Stache is very resourceful, capturing the naval ship The Wasp by using a bustier-shaped sail. Black Stache's hand is cut off by Peter near the end of the novel, and he adopts the moniker Captain Hook. Little Richard - Little Richard is a short, powerful giant who worked for the Never Land before becoming Slank's sidekick.

Even though he can take Slank easily, Richard obeys his every command and is kicked around like a slave. Slank is one of the "Others" who use starstuff corruptly, and he and his giant sidekick Little Richard try to steal the trunk of starstuff throughout the novel.

Slank eventually escapes the wrath of Peter, but does not manage to get hold of the starstuff. Bumbrake - Mrs.

Bumbrake is Molly's governess. She is a neat, plump woman and boards the Never Land with Molly. Bumbrake is captured by Stache's band of pirates but later on rescued by Leonard.

While she can be very strict and disagreeable, her loyalty is ultimately with the forces of good. Alf - Alf is the elderly sailor from the ship The Never Land who helps Peter in saving the starstuff.

Alf is one of the first characters to experience the power of starstuff in chapter two of the novel. He decides to go home to England at the end of the novel.

Mack - Mack is Alf's partner in the beginning of the novel. His appearance is very short-lived and takes place in only one chapter. He harbors a great hatred for Englishmen, after he and his brothers were taken as slaves by English men who arrived on the island.

Peter and the Starcatchers

Although ultimately a sympathetic character, he is a stickler for the harshest letter of the law, and is ready to feed the English children to Mister Grin to protect his island from colonialist subjugation. Fighting Prawn was nearly killed in the climactic battle, but Peter healed him with a bit of starstuff.

In the end, he lets Peter stay on the island when he refuses to go home, and renounces his more homicidal tendencies.

Teacher - Teacher is a strikingly beautiful, blonde mermaid and the leader of a group of them.

Peter and the Starcatchers

Her kind were originally ordinary fish, who were transformed into fish-human chimeras by the starstuff. Before the group met Peter, they wanted to keep the trunk to themselves. Teacher can communicate with Peter through telepathy and helps him along the way. She and Molly are very jealous of one another.Peter feels a great sense of responsibility for his friends. He harbors a great hatred for Englishmen, after he and his brothers were taken as slaves by English men who arrived on the island.

Peter and the Starcatchers 5 books.

We loved this Peter Pan original! New characters include Molly Aster and her father. Slank eventually escapes the wrath of Peter, but does not manage to get hold of the starstuff. View all 7 comments.

Described as orange-haired and blue-eyed, he is approximately twelve to fourteen years old, though he lies about his age. Add your rating See all 40 kid reviews.

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