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Morphometric analysis of sex differences in contemporary Japanese pelves using multidetector computed tomography. Forensic Science International, The subpubic angle in sex determination: Anthropometric measurements and analyses on Anatolian Caucasians using multidetector computed tomography datasets. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 8 3. Sex determination of the pelvis using Fourier analysis of postmortem CT images. İstatiksel analiz SPSS Pearson korelasyon testi.

Of Anatomy, Adana, Turkey, Introduction Radius, joining the elbow and wrist joints, has a surgical importance with the ulna.

At the proximal it is articulated with humerus and proximal ulna. At the distal part it is articulated with carpal bones and distal ulna. This muscle is involved in the flexion movement of the elbow and shoulder joints and also involved the pronation of the forearm.

Fractures may occur due the traumatic causes. In Colles fractures and specifically in Chauffeur's fractures, the integrity of the styloid proccess of radius is impaired. This study undertaken to determine the morphometric structure of the radius and utilize these data in multidisciplinary fields. Material and Methods Fifty 25 right, 25 left dry radius bones belongs to the Cukurova University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy have been evaluated morphometrically.

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The anatomical characteristics of proximal and distal radius and radial tuberosity were measured by 11 determined different morphometric parameters. The lengths measured by a digital caliper of 0. Results The maximum length of the radius, antero-posterior diameter of the articular fovea, transvers diameter of the articular fovea, maximum depth of the mid-articular fovea, circumference of the radial head articular circumference , circumference of the neck of the radius, length of the radial tuberosity, width of the radial tuberosity, maximum antero-posterior diameter of the distal radius, maximum transvers diameter of the distal radius and length of the styloid process were measured as: 22,99 cm, 19,82 mm, 19,59 mm, 1,82 mm, 6,41 cm, 4,65 cm, 22,22 mm, 13,09 mm, 22,59 mm, 31,74 mm, 12,77 mm respectively.

Differences were observed when the obtained data compared with similar studies of the other societies. It is believed these differences are influenced not only by race characteristics but also age, nutrition and lifestyle affect the mean data. Conclusion Plates and screws are used in the treatment of the displaced proximal and distal radius fractures. The use of prosthesis is the most important factor in non-reconstructable caput radii fracture.

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In order to design the implants and prostheses used in fracture treatments in compatible with the radius anatomy, detailed morphometric data should be determined. In addition, the morphometric data gathered in this study is thought to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge in multidisciplinary sciences such as anatomy, surgery, anthropology and forensic medicine.

Keywords: articular fovea, morphometry, radius.

References 1. Al-Imam, A. Morphometry of the superior articular surface of head of radius. Distal radius morphometry in the Malaysian population. Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal, 22 2 , Gupta, C. A morphological and morphometric study of proximal and distal ends of dry radii with its clinical implications. Biomed J, 38 4 , Kang, S. Anthropometric study of the proximal radius: does radial head implant fit in all cases?.

International orthopaedics, 39 8 , Mishra, P. Morphometry of distal end radius in the Indian population: A radiological study. Indian journal of orthopaedics, 50 6 , Rupasinghe, S.

Radius morphology and its effects on rotation with contoured and noncontoured plating of the proximal radius. Case Presentation: A year-old man presented with right shoulder pain.

Conventional MR imaging showed paraglenoid labral cyst. His history revealed mild shoulder pain that increased with lifting objects and reaching out activities. He did not participate in any sports activity and had no limitation of any function of the shoulder.

Neurovascular examination showed that the right upper extremity was intact. A stability examination of the shoulder revealed no sulcus sign and anterior and posterior translation of the humeral head without apprehension.

Based on his examination and a concern for occult labral pathology, radiographs were made and an MR imaging scan of the right shoulder was done. MR arthrography revealed a humeral chondral defect and labral tear associated with paraglenoid labral cyst, and a defect of the posterior inferior labrum extending to the superior labrum and humeral chondral defect. The patient underwent arthroscopic surgery. Conclusion: This case showed the importance of MR arthrography in a case that involved an unusual combination of paraglenoid labral cyst and labral tear with chondral defect.

Oblique sagittal c and oblique coronal d fat-saturated 3D VIBE MR arthrographic images showing massive tear of the posterior glenoid labrum dotted arrows. Abstract Background: Stress causes acute or chronic changes to the situations that perceived as a threat against to the organism 1.

Corticosterone known as a stress hormone and affects lots of body parts especially brain structures 2. Several studies attempted to clarify the relationship between physical exercise and stress level 3. To more clearly understand the relationship between them, we studied effects of long term treadmill exercise on chronic social isolated rats.

Social isolation involved removing the animal from the home cage, and placing it into an isolated cage during 14 days. The running time in exercise groups were increased progressively through 4 weeks 20 min, 50 min and 60 min, 60 min respectively 4. For define corticosterone level, blood was taken by cardiac puncture method and evaluate with ELISA method. The results were analyzed by SPSS Discussion: The way of application of social isolation procedure and its duration affect corticosterone levels differently 5.

Prolonged exposure to the stress may cause habituation to the situation. Morever long term exercise may be being perceived as stress by rats.

Other neurotrophic factors such as BDNF are also known to alter corticosterone levels 6,7.

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We think that only measuring single hormone level is not sufficient to evaluate stress level. LaDage, L. Environmental change, the stress response, and neurogenesis. Integrative and Comparative Biology, 55 3 , Oitzl, M. Brain development under stress: hypotheses of glucocorticoid actions revisited. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, 34 6 , Kim, J. Stress effects in the hippocampus: synaptic plasticity and memory.

Stress, 9 1 , Benite Ribeiro, S. Moderate physical exercise attenuates the alterations of feeding behaviour induced by social stress in female rats. Cell biochemistry and function, 32 2 , Shabanov P. Social isolation syndrome in rats. Doklady Biological Sciences, , Scaccianoce S. Nencini P, Badiani A. Social isolation selectively reduces hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor without altering plasma corticosterone.

Behavioural brain research, 2 , Scaccianoce S. Relationship between learning, stress and hippocampal brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The most common benign lesion is gynecomastia. Risk factors include advanced age, exogenous estrogen treatment, prior chest irradiation, liver disease, testicular dysfunctionandrogen deficiency, BRCA 2 mutation and Kleinefelter syndrome. Our aim was to describe the clinical, radiological and histopathological features of male breast disease. Material and Methods: Approval was obtained from institutional ethics committee.

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Tractors; Fortschritt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Posted on November 15, by LS17Mods.Oblique sagittal c and oblique coronal d fat-saturated 3D VIBE MR arthrographic images showing massive tear of the posterior glenoid labrum dotted arrows.

Our valued user Thomas Papoulakis, Greece. Ankilozan spondilit egzersizleri share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors shown below are not affected. Brain development under stress: hypotheses of glucocorticoid actions revisited.

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