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Read Love in the Afternoon read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Love in the Afternoon is a Romance novel by Lisa Kleypas. As a lover of animals and nature, Beatrix Hathaway has always Lisa-Kleypas- MB. View PDF. Download Add to My . Read Love in the Afternoon (The Hathaways, #5) Book PDF. Love in the Afternoon continues the Hallaways series by Victorian romance author Lisa Kleypas.

Kleypas how to plot a story. What I did see was Christopher showing some questionable sexual gamesmanship over Beatrix. Is that what you want?

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I know they either love or are soon going to love these women they play sexual games with, but did they know at the time? But I had to come around to that frame of mind and again it jerked me out of the story.

In fact, there were so many great parts to the story that showed their love, that this book could have been short and sweet. But it kept on going. My issues with Love in the Afternoon are minor when set against the entire novel. download Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas:. Ah well Now, I need to go find a good romance with a non-manwhore hero who knows what he wants and goes for it without messing around with OW.

View all 43 comments. Me encantan todos los libros donde los protagonistas empiezan a interactuar con cartas, mensajes mails etc. View all 8 comments. Nov 17, Ms.

Love in the Afternoon

Smartarse rated it liked it Shelves: I've never seen the appeal of Victorian love letters, not that I have read too many. Mostly my idea of such a letter involved sheltered little ladies, penning beautifully calligraphed epistles, letting loose the odd sigh or two. But then, those ladies of course weren't Beatrix Hathaway.

Never having quite managed to feel at home in high society, Beatrix has given up on trying her luck at yet another season. Given how much happier the Hampshire countryside made her, the family has also quietly rel I've never seen the appeal of Victorian love letters, not that I have read too many. Given how much happier the Hampshire countryside made her, the family has also quietly relegated her to eternal spinsterhood.

However, as we have seen from the prequels, our crafty heroine is always ready to throw life a curve ball, and thus ends up corresponding with a lovesick soldier under an assumed identity. But she didn't really mean any harm, you know? Instead of the love-filled epistoles, we get some very interesting insights into taming depressed dogs, some lovely descriptions of the Hampshire countryside, and this totally cute and heartwarming Christmas card. And my excitement continued when Christopher returns from the war, intent on wooing Beatrix's friend, yet finding himself oddly attracted to Beatrix, with all her peculiarities.

I'm rather sorry now for having given away my pretty paperback copy of the book. View 2 comments. Mar 17, Susanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Magical, charming, endearing, funny, heartwarming and absolutely amazing. Beatrix is the best heroine ever. And Christopher is perfect for her. The book starts with their correspondance and I thought it would be dull - and I couldn't have been more wrong!

Christopher is a charming rake before leaving for war. War changes people, and it changes him. There is definitely a serious note to a very charming novel.

It has a Pride and Prejudice-feeling, and it is awesome. This book is so much fun! Beatrix is an adorable heroine who takes care of wounded animals and wounded spirits.

She is the youngest of the Hathaways sisters, and in a way the most odd. No one would match her with Christopher - but despite it all they are a match made in heaven. The local veterinarian, perhaps? The Hathaways are adorable! I just love the Hathaways siblings and it is very sad that this series is coming to an end. I want Lisa Kleypas to start a new historical romance series that revisits the Hathaways! And Cam. He is my favorite hero of all times.

Go read this wonderful gem - but if you are new to Lisa Kleypas you have to pace yourself. I would really recommend that you start with the Wallflower series: Secrets of a Summer Night because they feature in this series too and they are equally awesome.

If you are incredibly impatient - I am sure this is awesome as a standalone too. Her decisive tone made him want to smile. Do you like her, too? View all 38 comments.

Lisa Kleypas fans, historical romance fans. It was unique and highly successful in conveying the blooming romance between Bea and Christopher.

But I could not find any faults in him, other than the reoccurring war nightmares and his occasional resistance. After his time in the war, Christopher changed and the deaths he witnessed then still haunt him even after his return. In addition to that ongoing internal battle, Christopher realizes the one thing that was keeping him together in those tough times were his letters to Prudence er, Beatrice. Chris was different, but still worthy to be part of the Hathaway clan I think.

There were some tender moments in this book, as well as some hilarious bits as well. Leo never fails to make me laugh out loud with some of his remarks. I do wish there was more of Kev because I absolutely adore that Rom! Also, it was great to read about Rye running about and giving his two cents here and there. He is such a cutie! Favourite Quote: After a universal silence, Leo was the first to speak.

View all 80 comments. Nov 07, Rane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Am sad to see the Hathaways series ending, but am happy each member found their own Happy Ever After and I was happy to be along for the ride. Through the Hathaways series we get to see Beatrix truly grow into her own, from a shy girl whose loves animals but is dealing with the lost of her parents and a demon in her kleptomania.

Beatrix seem to have a great wisdom not only about animals but about people as well, that were more often then not very accurate. So when she learns of Captain Christopher Phelan, a somewhat string along suitor to her mean friend and a man Beatrix feels is arrogant to the extreme. Beatrix is surprised when she reads his heartfelt words of war. She shows this throughout the book of things she learned from animals and dealing and helping of Christopher and his dog Albert.

Beatrix at times could be hard-headed but she also knew when to step back and see the bigger picture. This is what made Beatrix great her understanding of feelings, her own demons and her deep love is what healed not only healed the animals she cared for but healed Christopher and the demons he faced. Christopher does have a lot of demons her has to face, his PTSD that many soldiers still deal with today, but just a madness not spoken of in that time.

Christopher doesn't know what's happen to him, but he knows he must find the light of a woman whom sent him the letters that kept him going. Christopher grew up, and grew up fast through the war. He was one into himself, but after he comes home things not only have changed greatly but none so much as he. I loved Christopher, he had slot of troubles, but he was deeply caring, protective and most of all deeply loving.

His love is so great for her, he scared to his very soul that he in one of his episodes may hurt her. He's willing to protect her even from himself. This doesn't work with Beatrix wanting to be with him though! Christopher cared deeply and sometimes even when doing the right thing it torn at his heart, this was the greatest strength of Christopher was his ability to care for others and this is put to the test by Beatrix and later a friend and ex-solider that needs his help.

The love between Christopher and Beatrix could be so sweet, funny, sad and strong. While Beatrix heals Christopher's soul, he teaches her a few things about herself. The love between them was always hot, but never went over extremely hot or boiling, which I think felt better as they discover one another. They had a true equal relationship that blossomed to a true love.

I loved this them and shed a few happy tears. A Hathaways book wouldn't be a true Hathaway book without little cameo appearances by the Hathaway family. Thankfully they didn't take over parts of the books, but helped it along and were there once again for one another in times of hardships and times of joy and laughter.

The book zoomed by with quick pacing and lovable and memorable characters, although I do have to say there was a few loose ends that were not explained, this may well be a opening for a future series! I can only hope! View all 35 comments. Apr 21, Princess under cover rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely LOVE this book! This is my fav in the entire Hathaways series, which I believe is Lisa Kleypas best work in her entire opus.

The story between Win and Merripen might be my second fav, and Leo and Catherine my third fav. But I do love all of them.

So unique and memorable. What I loved about this one: The Heroine is my fav historical heroine. Innocent, good, so fresh and real you want her for a best friend.

The Hero is wonderful. Unlike some contrived stories, he knows who's real and who's not almost right away. He's a fundamentally good man, and a true hero. The letters. I love romances that involve letters, tho of course the letters must be well written and convey the right emotions and have the right pace to move the story along. This is definitely one of those cases. I was in love with the book within the first few chapters because of the letters.

Heck, if I got those letters from Christopher, I'd be in love with him too! So many wonderful gems of humor. I absolutely love Beatrice for these reasons, probably why Christopher loves her too Still one of my all-time favs.

Perhaps I haven't read this author in recent years because none of her later works could top this one. Still hoping she'll find that magic again one of these days!

Everyone knows your family is. I don't want it to be over. As far as ending a series goes this book was great, but I really am not ready to let go of my Hathaways.

I am abnormally attached to this series and this fictional family. Sons, brothers, fathers. The man you knew is gone for good, and I fear you may not like his replacement nearly so well. Recently Mr. Now it appears the mare has conceived, and a feud is raging between Caird, who demands financial compensation, and Mawdsley, who insists that had the pasture fencing been in better repair, the clandestine meeting would never have occurred.

Worse still, it has been suggested that the mare is a shameless lightskirt and did not try nearly hard enough to preserve her virtue. Pru being the shallow person she was decided she wouldn't write Mr. Phelan back since he wrote about ugly and boring things that she cared nothing for. Bea ask to see the letter as it spoke of a dog the Captain found. While reading the letter her heart ached for the once shallow Captain who was much changed and hurting from all the ugliness of war. So she ask Pru if she could write him to try to help cheer him up and sign it as Pru.

Pru agreed but didn't much care either way. What started out as kind gesture turns into deep feelings of love. When Captain Phelan returns from war will he find out that it wasn't Pru writing him?

Will he hate Bea for tricking him? You must give yourself enough time to get better. I loved all her little quirks. She had a true love for animals and nature. She was outspoken, opinionated, and a little wild.

Bea had a sense of humor and she was very sweet. I love the way Bea was with Christopher. I loved that she would use her dog training voice on him. Christopher I loved at first.

Then I got a little pissed at him. Then I loved him again so uh yeah! Me and Christopher had a up and down relationship. I ached for all he went through in war, but when he first got home he would act rude or judgmental to Bea and it made me want to thump him.

I love that when he realized it was Bea that had wrote the letters that he told her it was her he loved.

I also loved that he wanted her before he knew she wrote the letters. And I had to. I felt as if it had been written for me. It was only supposed to be once. But then you wrote back, and I let myself answer just once more. The rest of it was real. If you believe nothing else, please believe that. Would you really have let me marry Prudence?

If she was the one you wanted. And then beginning to see them in you. Bea was able to heal his battered soul and bring him peace. Christopher was able to accept and love Bea for who she was. He made her feel safe. I want to say that I hated Pru with a deep passion. I wanted her suffer. She was such a selfish, shallow, air headed bitch that every time she showed up in this book I wanted to scream.

I was glad that Bea stole Christopher from Pru. I wish she would have did worse. I know, I'm mean.

Love in the Afternoon

Sorry not sorry! I loved how the series wrapped up. Love seeing all the other couples and their growing families. It has been a really long time since I got a book hangover, but I have one now.

I finished this book yesterday and put off writing the review because I wasn't ready for it to be over. Now I feel like I am having Lisa Kleypas withdrawal. I can't believe there will be no more Hathaways.

How will I know if they have more babies????? I loved every moment of this series, loved this family , and I love Lisa Kleypas. She wears breeches, and references Greek philosophers, and has read far too many veterinary manuals.

I know that she keeps the kinds of pets that other people pay to have exterminated. I know that she is compassionate, intelligent, and brave, and the only thing she truly fears is being abandoned. And I would never do that, because I happen to love her to distraction. View all 72 comments. Dec 14, peachygirl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Give me a dozen more Hathaways and it still won't be enough!

Love in the Afternoon is just as good as the other books in the series. Of all the Hathaways, Beatrice has always been quirkier and bit of a wild child. And that reflects in her love story too. Her relationship with Christopher has its rough patches, but for the most part, these two were compatible and for a Hathaway, that's saying something.

Her devotion to animals, her family and Christopher in the same order; Although there could b Give me a dozen more Hathaways and it still won't be enough! Her devotion to animals, her family and Christopher in the same order; Although there could be a tie between her beau and family is so darn sweet.

Wish this lovely series never ended. May 27, Juliana Philippa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Absolutely delightful and to my surprise my favorite Hathaway book Lisa Kleypas' latest novel is absolutely delightful; she has woven a wonderful and rich tale of love, and has done so with a great deal of skill and depth.

I've been a great fan of the Hathaway clan and their stories, but for some reason was never very interested in Beatrix's. The sneak preview at the end of Married by Morning completely changed my opinion and I was ecstatic to only have to wait a month Prudence finds the letter boring and tedious and has no intention of replying. Beatrix has no great fondness for the man: However reading his letter makes her feel an odd connection to the man who has written it and when Prudence refuses to write him back and urges Beatrix to pretend to be her and write a response, Beatrix decides that she will.

After all, he's in a war zone and he's found a dog with behavioral issues One letter becomes two, which become three, and before she knows it, they are exchanging what almost amount to love letters. What started out as a desire to help has turned into something completely unexpected, and Beatrix feels guilt over the kept-up pretension that Prudence is the one writing the letters and is conflicted with love for this man whom before she only felt dislike for.

When Christopher returns a war hero, hailed by all society and having newly inherited substantial property, Prudence becomes interested in him once again and though their friendship ends with difficult parting words, both she and Beatrix agree that neither will reveal the truth to Christopher and the masquerade will continue.

Christopher comes home a broken man, having survived two years of intense war and now forced to deal with the reality of his older brother's death. He has changed from the foolish, vain, and shallow society-darling he used to be. The one thing that has kept him going through all the difficulties has been the thought of "Prudence," the woman he's been exchanging letters with.

She is in London when he finally feels ready to reengage with the world, but before he is able to leave and see her he has several encounters with his neighbor Beatrix Hathaway - who is annoying, frustrating, contrary, odd He remains committed to meeting the woman of his dreams though - the woman who wrote him such beautiful letters and whom he is determined to marry.

He therefore travels to London to meet this paragon and is confused when, after spending some time with Prudence, he finds it increasingly difficult to believe that she is the woman behind his treasured letters.

If not she, however, then who? Was it all a game, some prank that was being played on him? And if it is the woman whom he has begun to suspect After everything he's been through and done in this horrible war, will he ever truly be happy? Love in the Afternoon tackles the very serious issue of the difficult war experiences soldiers have and what we now refer to as PTSD.

Christopher and Beatrix both feel like outsiders; they watch others at a distance and feel their difference when compared to the rest of society. Christopher has changed so much and bears so much guilt, sadness, and despair, that he is no longer sure where - or if - he fits in. Beatrix has always been unusual - even for a Hathaway! To not have to wait till the last page for both people to say "I love you"?

Now that's just MasterCard priceless. A lot of times with romances, we're hankering at the end for more of the happily-ever after and have to content ourselves with the epilogue, if the author is kind enough to include one. Once they're "together," all the exchanges between them read so smoothly that it feels like they've been together forever, understand each other extremely well, and best of all - you've had a front row seat to the whole thing!

Don't get me wrong - although there is not as much going on as early in the book as Kleypas usually writes, the chemistry and tension between Beatrix and Christopher is fabulous throughout. Their connection also has a deep emotional and almost spiritual quality, which is often hard to find in romance books and I'm sure even harder to write, so hats off to you, Lisa! The way that Christopher talks about Beatrix - both the letter-writer and the woman - will have you swooning and grinning like a madwoman.

Her passion and feelings for him are equally intense and OTHER This truly is a fabulous book - the two main characters are intriguing and complex and their relationship comes alive within these pages.

Also, there were thankfully no errant murderers on the loose, no gun-crazed kidnappers, no evil almost-mothers-in-law who try to pawn off the unwanted heroine on a possible rapist who ends up being a hero in another book I love St. Vincent as much as the next Kleypas fan, so before you revolt, that was not a slight towards him!

There's a little surprise twist at the end, but in this case it was not at all superfluous and helps deal with one of the big issues that has been dominating the entire book. That the masquerade doesn't continue on until the end, but is instead revealed far before that, was simply perfect in my mind.

Christopher and Beatrix have already fallen in love with another through words on a page, but for a real relationship to work they also have to deal with the actual human being and everything out in the open.

Kleypas realizes this, and as a result, doesn't make the letter-writing charade the central figure, but instead truly makes it a love story about Christopher and Beatrix finding one another, both literally and figuratively. View all 5 comments. Gosh I just fell in love with this wonderful story!!! Beatrix is the Hathaway sister I wanted to read about the most, and her story was so wonderful!

Exceeded my expectations.

Love in the Afternoon

And I love a wounded hero. If you haven't been reading Lisa Kleypas, I honestly don't know what you're doing with your life.

View all 7 comments. Why in the world would you want to read this book? Actually, it reminds me of my slightly crazy family and it made me smile so big.

No, mum, I'm not saying we are crazy.

Love in the Afternoon (Hathaways, Book 5)

Sort of. Afraid to face a dull lady? Try independent, peculiar haha , strong-minded. Oh, and you have to know that Bea has a thing: Like, every each of them, despite the misfortunes she's going through because of them sometimes: Do I need to add something?

That's what I thought. What I didn't tell you was the fact that Beatrix and Christopher meet under strange circumstances: Does Prudence want to answer him? Naaaah , of course she doesn't, because balls and gown you know? So, what could Beatrix do? Let this lonely soldier losing hope? Of course not! As an altruist woman as she is, she answered. Now, that is quite awesome for an historical - and for a romance in general, actually. I'm such a fan of this dog. In a word: Perhaps afterward we could manage a coherent discussion.

This story was the best!!! It has love letters and I knew that I would love Beatrix and Christopher to pieces I was mulling over my rating but this book decides it. If you don't you aren't part of the cool crowd. The cool crowd reads AMyzing books disregarding hype or lack thereof. Oh yeah! Kat Valentine Awesome review! Oct 20, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: What a sweet story! Beatrix Hathaway finally gets her own happily ever after. Of all the Hathaways, Bea has always been the most peculiar, in a good way!

In tune with nature and all its creatures, she was a compassionate, loyal, patient and loving woman. I loved seeing her fall for someone and desire a future similar to her siblings. Captain Christopher Phelan was a man changed by war. His despair and anguish over all he'd seen and done was palpable. I felt his pain, it was so severe at times an What a sweet story!

I felt his pain, it was so severe at times and broke my heart. Beatrix was perfect for him, a soothing presence that understood his issues and changes. A changed man coming home, Christopher saw in Bea a miracle, a woman he loved fiercely and it was so sweet. I loved seeing the family for the last time, Leo was as hilarious as ever, and such a wonderful brother. The letters exchanged between Bea and Christopher were touching and filled with longing, reading them moved me. I'm so glad Prudence got what she deserved, she turned out to be an awful friend, motivated by jealousy and greed.

This was as all of LK's books I've read, written with perfection. Have you noticed all her characters are acutely different? You can feel each one's personality as a tangible thing.

Some authors seem to write varying characters in a similar manner. Regardless of the number of books written you could sometimes easily insert any character names and it would be the same.

Not LK. Even several books into a series, the specific character nuances are there, everyone being a distinct and fascinating person all their own. I can't say enough about her and her writing except she's unbelievably fantastic and my favorite author.

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Criminal Procedure: Picking up a fallen branch, Beatrix deftly snapped it to the length of a walking stick. I love you. She wouldn't send the letter if she knew I hadn't written it. Phrases like "I loved it" seem so inadequate.

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